OUR MISSION IS TO IMPROVE THE SKILL LEAVEL OF EACH AND EVERY BALLPLAYER.  WE EXCEL AT THE MENTAL ASPECT OF THE GAME. That is what makes us different than other organizations.  We work on situations over and over until it becomes instinctive and there is no thinking involved.  We also strive to have the most aggressive team on the field, force the opponent to make a mistake by always having them on the defensive.  We accept mistakes, of course they are aggressive mistakes.  That is the Team CT way.

Our teams will consist of 11 players, each player will have a rotation schedule set up for Saturday play.  Each player will play minimum of 2 innings (in the field, batting in each of the games) always playing to win.  On Sundays, we play to win the tournament, but we work everyone into the games.


The schedule will consist of 7 tournaments attending a world series (if the parents choose).  Last year we were in Ocean City Maryland and Myrtle Beach.

The fee encompasses paying the head and assistant a stipend plus hotel.  We use college players to help during practice (they get paid).  The tourney’s average out to aprox $600 each.  The showcases are $775 – $895.  The world Series last year was $1,000 to enter.  Colorado is $1600.  We will have “the most softball intelligent teams on the field” and they will be the best prepared.  COACHES Tom Pia, Maryann Macari, Tony Esposito,  Chuck Carino, Charlie Judge, Tom Harris, Katie Schmidt, Allison Macari, Kate Brainard, Erica Ambrigio, Nicole Rissotto, Alyssa Dumphey, Jill Cimenello.  We work as a group and you won’t find a better group than this.  We also bring in High School Players to help.